Crowns and Capes

We bring the party to you!

What's the one thing that makes you think twice about a party at your own house? Well if you are like us, then it's probably the decoration and stressing over all the little details that make a party truly memorable (ok that's two things). With Crowns and Capes planning your event, you just pick the theme and make the guest list, and let us do the rest.

We offer the following themes to choose from. For mixed gender parties, you can pick a combination of two themes. This means the crafts and the edible cupcake decorations would be geared towards those themes. However, the general d├ęcor and color scheme would be based on the dominant theme. 







Circus Carnival

Tea party in Wonderland

Vintage trains

Colorful Birthday Bash

If these themes are not what your little one has in mind, we would love to work with you on any modified ideas for an additional cost.